Mar 21, 2010

Houston...we have lift off!

So, as you saw in the last post, we started our veggie seeds a couple weeks ago.  
That was March 7th.  

March 12th, we found our first sprouts!

March 14th, we had more sprouts!

The broccoli and cauliflower came up gangbusters!

Over the next few days, many things have's how our garden has grown...

These are strawberries...I'll probably end up picking up plants at the nursery too, but I figured I'd give it a shot with some seeds.  Can't hurt...

It's really hard to see, but there are some really tiny sprouts in there.

The corn seeds sprouted up yesterday, but I haven't gotten pictures of them yet.

And sorry about the weird rotation of the pictures. 

Hopefully, there will be signs of raised bed boxes being built soon.  :)

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