Sep 3, 2008

A Bella Funny

So, I found this little snippet on an old blog I tried to was originally dated Nov 9, 2006 (Maya would have been about 6 months olds)

A Bella Funny...So, we're going about our day as usual...Maya was sitting on the floor in the Family Room playing, and I was in the Kitchen making dinner or something...seems like I'm ALWAYS in the kitchen nowadays...and Bella was in the Kitchen talking to me. Maya started crying so Bella, the wonderful big sister she is, went over and gave her a toy to play with. She stopped crying and Bella came back in the kitchen. Well, seconds later Maya was crying again and my sweet Bella says, "Awe Man Mom! Maya ran out of Happy!" I don't think I've laughed that hard in a LONG time!

Welcome to The Days of Their Lives!

Our little princesses are growing up so fast...doing so many's hard to keep up! SO...I will try this blogging thing YET AGAIN...maybe 3rd time is a charm! ;)

Bella is in her 3rd week of Pre-K Spanish at the International School. She likes her teacher, Miss Cindy, but not quite as much as last year's teacher, Miss Elizabeth. I'm sure by the end of the year it will be different. :) She's enjoying being back at school - her favorite parts of the day are...drumroll please...yup...Lunch and recess! :) She's looking forward to her birthday's her very first "friends" birthday party and we're going ALL OUT! :) What that means is, mommy was smart enough to call a party place and let them do ALLLL the work for me. :)


Maya...oh Maya...this one...she's a handful...and in the height of the terrible twos! ;) Her newest favorite phrase is, "I don't care..."

Mommy: Maya, come here so we can put your jammies on
Maya: Nope! (running and squealing)
Mommy: Maya, Mommy said it's time to put jammies on...
Maya: I don't care...
Mommy: Maya Liberty! You come here right now or you will sit in time out!
Maya: I go time out! Hee Hee! (and proceeds to put herself in time out...)

Oh whatever will I do with this child...

On a more positive note, she is learning so much, talking up a storm, and really enjoying playing wiht (MIMICING!) her big sister...despite my positive thoughts and wishes, she seems to pick up on the BAD things her sister does much more than the good ones...LOL! She loves to color and she loves to play tag. She is a funny little girl.


SO...that's what's going on in The Days of Their Lives! Stay Tuned...